Located along the Historic Erie Canal in Rochester, New York Reliability Solutions, Inc. was formed in 1996 as a root cause analysis organization. Reliability Solutions has grown to become a leader in Manufacturing Maintenance and Reliability Consulting offering training courses, facilitation and mentoring in various Reliability Tools and Measures.

ReliableToolKit Training Tool

Most noted for the development of ReliableToolKit a Reliability Centered Maintenance Methodology that focuses on improving manufacturing reliability as well as the Environmental, Health and Safety performance of critical assets, Reliability Solutions has helped several large and small companies around the world develop proven Reliability efforts. Proven to again and again be efficient and cost effective, ReliableToolKit is the fastest growing Reliability methodology around the world. While our competitors have worked at developing long lists of companies who have attended their public courses or overview events, Reliability Solutions, Inc. has worked hard at our client plant sites to develop an impressive list of companies who have attended our training, mentored facilitators, performed and implemented analyses, experienced results, and now have in place a matured and sustained Reliability culture!

Over the past few years, Reliability Solutions, Inc. has grown in size as well as course offerings. Our staff or experts now includes CMRP Certified and noted maintenance and reliability professionals each bringing decades of experience from major US companies. In the past two years we have worked to develop a list of course offerings that covers the gambit for developing a complete maintenance plant for manufacturing equipment that includes ReliableToolKit for critical assets and Criticality Based Asset Management for less critical assets. Vowing to stay focused on our area of expertise, we have also worked at developing critical alliances with companies who offer complementary tools such as Cause Mapping, and TPM. Our courses are also available in several languages including English, Spanish, Dutch, German and Portuguese.

Maintenance Management and Reliability Consulting Firm

Reliability Training

Moving forward, Reliability Solutions has begun planning public events in North America and strategic locations around the globe. For information on our root cause analysis software and public events navigate to the contact us page at our site. We have also invested in the development of what will be the best Reliability Centered Maintenance software package available. ReliableToolKit will be offered as affordable alternative to other Reliability Software packages in individual, site and company wide, license packages. While ReliableToolKit™ Plus will offer the complete software package, Reliability Solutions is still committed to providing the ReliableToolKit™ Access Database free with both public and on site training events.

We would like to thank you for visiting our site and encourage you to surf the various pages of information. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time. If your are interested in reading and learning more about Reliability Centered Maintenance, ReliableToolKit or Reliability Tools and Measures. We wish you well and hope to some day assist you with your reliability efforts!

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